Our highly skilled workforce are constantly being trained to ensure their personal performance remains at the leading edge of the vehicle repair industry.

Our Body repair technicians carry out work on all areas of vehicle shells which include removal, repair and replacement of damaged panels, always ensuring that the car is structurally as safe as it was when it left the factory.

Our fully trained and certified panel repairers are fully trained to work on all the latest body materials used in today's vehicles such as Aluminium and Boron steel, ensuring all structural areas and panels are replaced or repaired to same standards as the original factory production process

Our Body refinishing technicians add the final surface touch by applying primers and paint so everything looks as good as new if not better. This involves the use of state of the art hand and power sanding tools, chemical cleaning agents, spray booths and drying equipment and as we have a fully equipped body shop you can rest assure that your car will be finished to the highest of standards possible in today's competitive market.

By using an on site paint mixing system supplied from the industries leading paint manufacturers such as Standox we are able to mix any shade of colour to ensure the job blends with the original factory finish.

JR Autobodies will guarantee the highest quality standards are always maintained, by only utilising manufacturer's original equipment, replacement parts and paint technology that produces a finish as good as new.